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    Hello drewbourke,

    please provide URL of your website
    we’ll check what’s wrong

    if it’s possible provide URL of the webpage where you insert pricing table

    I’m having the same problem with the plugin. It’s forcing my text down below the pricing table. Therefore I can’t get the look I’m wanting for my page and can’t use the plugin. Hoping it will get fixed.

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    I had to remove the plugin for now because it was doing the same as Drew stated above. It wasn’t just the page the plugin was installed on. It was every page on my site.

    How do you remove this plugin? I son;t see it listed as a plugin in my plugin list? Help…

    same problem here, but if in pricing-table.php
    function insert_ready_table($content) {

    else {
    		return $post_content;


    else {
    		return $content;

    it is start to work somehow

    Plugin Author Pricing Table


    Hello slik!

    Do you try the latest version of the plugin? We fix that bug.

    I am using the latest version of the plugin – can’t use any html in the field section – can use
    but no href or font color/size.

    Can someone please fix this plugin or tell me how to remove it from this template?



    There seems to be a whole lot of issues with this plugin

    -Not allowing me to use html in the field sections either. Please fix this.
    -The columns keep disappearing as well as the fields
    -Fields keep ending up other fields
    -I want just 6 rows, but its showing 11 rows
    -Additional rows are hiding behind other fields and I can’t view them.



    All these issues are happening in the dashboard function when creating tables.



    I gave up on this plugin – started using Go Pricing, did what I needed too. There are other better plugins out there don’t bother with this one. It is a shame it was really useful when it was working.

    Plugin Author Pricing Table



    Please try new beta version of the plugin

    It’s not compatible with the old version.

    Marcelo Pedra


    @Pricing Table:
    I have several price tables set, is there any way to import or convert from the old 0.2.x format?
    If I export the price list, then upgrade the plugin, and import back again, will it convert it to the new format? Please 🙂

    Plugin Author Pricing Table



    Unfortunately new 0.3.x version of the Pricing Table plugin doesn’t support an old 0.2.x 🙁
    You need to create all tables one more time in the new version of plugin.

    ok, I hope future versions support the new format for a long time. Recreate all the price tables every time it’s annoying.

    Hopefully, the next time you do changes like this, you could add the posibility to convert from old format to the new one. Automatically when the upgrade takes place or by exporting from old version and importing in new version.

    thank you

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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