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    Dear Yoast team,

    I would like to express my concern for having an uncompetitive pricing structure, giving the fact that tools like Rank Math and All in One SEO offer all or the majority of your premium features for free and would add on top of that for having a premium version.

    It makes the pricing structure of Yoast uncompetitive in the environment.

    For a company that manifest itself as progressive, inclusive and supporting marginalized groups, people at low status, underprivileged groups – people with issues, immigrants, people of color, marginalized groups etc. and as well as the fact that the product is global – e.g. accessed in parts of the world like Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, including countries like India, Pakistan etc, where the living wage is significantly lower than in the West, does the company think about reducing its pricing structure or at least offer more features for the free plan that would make it more competitive to the rest of the SEO plugins?

    I do understand that you have to have a profit, but in the same time, when you put a social cause on your badge and you show it to people, it is good to back these thesis with actions.

    I am disappointed to see companies that claim they are pro-climate, pro-immigrant, pro-marginalized groups and for social justice and equal opportunities, when their pricing plans are too premium for these groups.

    It somehow draws a too deep of a line between thesis and real actions.

    Kind Regards

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    Thank you for your feedback.
    Exactly this is why Yoast SEO, the free version, contains everything we feel is necessary for the SEO of your WordPress site.

    The features offered in the Premium version and add-ons are features that will save you time and money working on your website’s SEO. Basically, our idea is that if you make money with your website, you have the money to pay for Yoast SEO Premium.

    And, if you don’t have the money for Yoast SEO Premium yet, that’s when you can install the free version and it will help you make the money you can then invest in Yoast SEO Premium. 😉




    What I am telling you is that tools like Rank Math which people migrate to, provide much of your paid “features” which makes your product uncompetitive.

    In order to fix that you must provide more from the premium features to the free version or lower your price or do both.

    Rank Math and others will crush you if you continue to stay uncompetitive.

    Also that shows an non-inclusive culture, so you are doing the opposite of what you preach. Your pricing is too high for what you provide, the fact that you ignored my words is clearly showing that.

    Working class people, people of color, people from marginalized groups, migrants and non-Americans, the non-privileged groups, they all need something cheaper, so they will use Rank Math, and others that provide the same features as your premium version, but for far less or even free. Your pricing is elitist and non-inclusive.

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