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  • Hello,

    I’m not very used to forums, so please let me know if I’m not giving enough info. I’m creating a form for a site soon to be developed. The form will work such that a user that logs into the site will fill out and submit the form, then be redirected to a page to pay a renewal fee. The problem is that the fee will change depending on what group the user is a part of. I’m going to be using Gravity Forms for the form and I’m planning on using WooCommerce for the payment system.

    Is there a plugin to get WooCommerce to have a different price on a product depending on a users role?


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  • Hey Swick I was able to achieve group pricing by using the Woocomerce plugin called “Dynamic Pricing”. You select some groups under the dynamic pricing tab then set min and max quantity for that product to zero with a fixed price and amount entered.

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