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    Hi guys, new to woocommerce here

    I was wondering if there is a way to set up a product and its price is based on a selection of a number

    For example :

    I have numbers from 50-25
    On the product page, 2 select boxes would show one is “from” 2nd is “to”
    I want to price the product as
    from 50-40 its $1 per number

    So if a customer chooses from 50 to 40 he would pay 10$

    And if a customer chooses 40-30 is $2 per number

    I want it to be calculated as the following example

    So if a client would choose from 50-30 it would be ( the price of 50-40 (10x$1=$10) + 40-30 ( 10x$2=20 ) which totals $30)

    And so on, is this doable someway by default or is there an extension for it etc

    Thanks in advance for all the help

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    Hi @toxic123123

    You can use a plugin like Dynamic Pricing to configure bulk discounts for each product in your store by creating a table of quantities and discount amounts. You can choose from fixed price adjustments, percentage adjustments or set a fixed price for the product.

    I hope this helps!

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    Hi Amanda,

    Sadly the numbers i meant are not quantities they are tiered options

    I have a product that requires a client to choose between 2 variable numbers from 25 to 0

    each number has its own unique cost from

    25 to 20 its $1 per number
    20 t0 15 its $2 per number
    15 to 10 its $3 per number
    10 to 5 its $4 per number
    5 to 1 its $5 per number
    1 to 0 its $20

    So let’s say my product is a service in a game

    a client would like us to play for him from level 25 to level 17

    I want it to show 2 select boxes
    1: Select current level ( a drop down menu shows numbers from 25-1 )
    2: select desired level ( a drop down menu that starts from previous chosen number )

    So based on the client above the first box he would choose 25 and 2nd box would start showing numbers from 24 to 0 and the client would choose 17

    and based on the above tiered pricing the client would get a total for the cost ..

    I have seen this being doable in opencart but i cant figure out a way to make it work in Woocommerce

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    Anyone who can help out with this ?

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