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    We are almost done testing the free version, and as mentioned earlier, we were planning to buy the ‘pro’ version.

    Today I wanted to buy a few agents, but the pricing is completely changed?

    The $48 per year for the first agent and $35 for every additional agent is suddenly removed from the website? We can now only find the $7,50 per agent per month, which is almost TWICE as much for the first agent, and over twice as much for every next agent!

    I do understand price changes, but doubling the price is a bit ridiculous.

    We came on board with the offer for even $48 total for two agents, but understand the change to $48 for the first agent and $35 for the next, but this new pricing is a bit strange and out of proportions. Also, nowhere we have seen any announcements about upcoming price changes or ending dates on the WordPress/Joomla offers on the website.


    1) Are these offers, we build our decision for FlexyTalk on, still available?
    2) What are the pricing policies in general over time, not to have a 300% price change next year or such.


    – Casper

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  • Plugin Author Sebastián Odena


    Hi Casper

    A few things:

    1) Our “website” does not specify it, but there is an annual subscription of $76.5

    2) There is a promo code for all WP/Joomla users with an extra discount of 20% on all purchases for the next 2 years. Send the chat message !promocode to the bot to get your code. The annual price with the discount applied is $61.20 each agent ($6 monthly or $33.5 /6 month)

    If you compare prices and features when it was $48, it is cheaper now 🙂

    I don’t think if we have a 300% price change we would survive, that won’t happen. We are building the service on the run. Started with very few features and trying to make it better. From now on, we might create more advanced plans if we add expensive features to develope and maintain.

    Hello Sebastian,

    Can you please explain your statement a bit more in depth about that it’s actually cheaper now, compared to the $48 per year and $35 per year for the additional agents.

    Please understand that we came on board to test your software with the $48 per year, for two agents, and $2 dollar per month for every next agent around the 20th of april. 2013. a few weeks later is was $48 for the first agent and $3 dollar per month for every next agents, that was about a week ago.

    Now you are saying that even WITH discount, the price is $6 per month. I don’t understand how it can be cheaper now?

    You are also comparing it with features, but the chat worked great the way we tested. Simple, relative lightweight, plain, the way we wanted it, and you told me even that that was the way FlexyTalk should be in your opinion, being proud of the lightweight backend.

    Now you say you added features, which we don’t need, and since the client responds way slower right now (and wrong even due bugs), not really matching your earlier philosophy about the client.

    But maybe i will understand when you specify which features are added to justify the steep price raise, and why we should benefit from them, so I can explain this internally and see if this is still the best option for our own purpose, but also the several customers that we advised we found and are testing a nice lightweight but mostly affordable solution for their (small) websites.




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    I’m sorry but this is not the place to discuss the merits and cost of commercial products

    Okay, understand, sorry.

    I just saw it as part of the support for the plugin, since the commercial ‘pro’ part is integrated in the same product.

    Is there another part here where we can discuss this, or should I try to continue contacting FlexyTalk directly?



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    We do not have any area for commercial products here, so I’d suggest that you contact FlexyTalk directly.

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