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    What to do if prices read 0.00?

    First, check the demo at http://demo.enigmaweb.com.au/gold-price/ Does it work?

    If yes (the demo site is working correctly) then the plugin is working fine, feeds are fine, and it’s something on your site or server environment preventing access to the feed. Follow standard WordPress troubleshooting steps to try to identify the error.

    If no, (demo site also shows zeros) then there’s something wrong with the feed… Open a new support thread to notify me and I’ll fix it.

    Want full control over the feed yourself? Instructions for manually changing feed data URL:

    1.) Visit http://xml.dgcsc.org/ and purchase access to the XML price feed.

    2.) In the /gold-price plugin folder open the file admin.php

    3.) In that file find all instances of the feed URLs. They’ll look like this:
    https://enigmaplugins.com/get_xml/goldounces.xml and appear once for each metal type and measurement (grams, ounces). Replace those URLs with your own feed links delivered to you after purchasing the XML feeds from dgcsc.org (step 1 above)

    4.) Save to your webspace

    Feeds should now work, using your own feed, instead of the ones coming from enigmaplugins.com

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