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    Is there a chance to add a suffix field next (or somewhere) to the price field of products, so we can add whatever is needed to display the proper product price.
    Right now, if a customer wants to be a anoying, legally, they can order as much as they want of something and ask to pay the displayed price only. So if something costs 1€/m (one euro per running meter), they can buy 100m and ask to pay 1€. Really it’s up to who has the best lawyer, but this can avoid by adding one more field in the product options when adding a new product.

    I know that there is a suffix field in the general settings, but that applies to all products. There are many stores that sell their goods in a variety of ways. A hardware store has products sold per item (like tools), per weight (like sand), per running meter (like wire) etc.. so you can not apply one suffix note to everything. 

    I am sure there are pluggins who probably do that, but shouldn’t it be already there? It’s common sense.

    This is NOT about calculating prices per whatever (so please don’t leave a reply about the mesurement price calculator), it’s about HOW THE PRICE IS DISPLAYED on the product page. For legal reasons (mainly).

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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