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  • Hello Angeleye! Thank you for this great plugin.
    We discovered a few issues with how it works though:
    1- The price range doesn’t work. Maybe because decimals cannot be entered using commas; so we had to use dots. But it doesn’t calculate according to the ranges we set.
    2- Cannot delete what’s uploaded and start from the scratch. And it saves what’s loaded inside a cookie so reloading the page doesn’t help either. If it did, we would have add a link to reload itself.
    3- The client can change change what they want to pay; just by reducing the number of the words.
    I am ready and willing to pay for an urgent update. Thank you.

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  • Oliver


    Hi there,

    I believe your request was replied on our internal ticket syste.
    1- I am not sure what you mean by price range, seems like you are using some external plugin?
    2- I have tested that on my sandbox site and everything is working as expected so I believe there will be some issue from either your theme or any of the installed plugins. Did you try basic debugging steps? Please see below.

    1. Disable all plugins with the exception of WooCommerce and Our plugin, and determine whether or not the issue is still occurring
    2. Re-enable additional plugins one by one, testing after each add-on is enabled, in order to find the culprit

    If, after disabling all additional plugins, you are still seeing the same issue, then switch to basic twenty theme with both WooCommerce and Our enabled and then check once again.

    Please follow these steps and let us know your results.

    Thank you!



    Hey Oliver,
    Thanks for your reply.
    1- Yes we found what was wrong with the Price Range / price break functionality on our system. It does the maths correctly; but when it comes to make the recalculated price appear on the floating cart (a feature of the plugin:TM Product Options) it fails and prints the original price times number of words. We don’t know where lies the source of this error in value transmission between two plugins.
    2- Delete option reappeared when we removed the 7 theme and applied Twenty theme.



    @pazarbasifatih sorry for delay in getting back to you. So you are using TM product option? and that is what causing the trouble for you, right? can you disable the plugin and then check again?
    Also, the delete button issue with the7 theme could be because some of the JS might be conflicting between both. Did you tried to reach to theme author and tell them about this?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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