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  • The problem appears when adding different variations of the same product. The formula for the discount is not ok. Price should be the same in both cases.

    Same variation of the same product, price OK

    Different variation of the same product, price NOT OK

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  • @joseluiscruz are you using the fixed discount? I had some issues as well and made some modifications to the plugin to get it to work. Let me know and I can share the updates I made.

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    Thanks! but we finally switched to the dynamic pricing plugin.

    I am having this problem as well…something is clearly not right in the algorithms. I would love to know how you fixed the problem @joegus…I am using the fixed discount.

    Hey there, what appears to be happening is the plugin is doubling the discount price for each variation. For instance, if the discount is $3, it’s subtracting $6 from the price. Definitely a problem. Any thoughts, plugin author?

    I’m not the author but I made a few changes. You can grab the one file from

    The issue is that the total discount across all of the variants is being applied to each individual variant.

    I pretty much just added a few lines to track the individual variants.

    I didn’t do any extensive testing for any of the other use cases but it works for my client.

    Thx @joegus your file definitely made a difference, I just can’t get the final bit worked out.
    First pic is before your fix, with the discounts added up and subtracted from each as a total.
    Second pic is after your fix, with the single discount subtracted from each item.

    Third one is the problem (with your fix applied), it wants to apply the single biggest discount to each item instead of each discount to it’s own.
    bulk discount fix
    – For this product I only have two variants, and one discount. –They are ‘Tickets’ products though and I’m not sure if that was causing the problem.

    Any ideas guys?

    @joegus you’re a hero!

    Was also having this same issue. This fix definitely need to be applied in the next official update of this plugin.

    @pietpompies – can you provide some more details on how your “Mental Health First Aid – Full” product is setup? Also, which type of discount are you using?

    @battmates – glad I could help. This was my first time to actually contribute a fix to a WordPress plugin. If I get more time, I may work with this creator to fix bugs and make future improvement.


    Hi Guys,
    I have simillar issue to one explained here, however because of Taxes enabled in my case (shown in image below), I want to get rid of the overridging bulk discount applied to column under “single (incl VAT)”. This is wrong for me. Anyone come acoss this problem and have a solution?
    Issue with bulk display

    PS: how do I add an image here please?

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