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  1. Gökay
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello. I am new this perfect designed forum. About 1 week I have been searching that subject.

    I develope a site about study abroad. I want WP not Joomla or Drupal. Now the client as my friend wants a perfect site with search properties (by city, by price, by university) and price calculator.

    The theme that I'll use contains search properties. Nevertheless I need to know how to search properties and calculator do.

    Example : http://www.ingiltereve.biz/

    Of course my site will be more spesific.

    Calculator might be so :

    first row : University
    second row : branch that'll been shown when selected spesific university
    third row : etc...

    If my friend can't pay the price of site that in my mind, then I'll need know how to search properties do.

    I hope I didn't bother you. I'll really be debtor friend who help me.

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