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  • okay, i had a tough time describing the problem in the topic title but here goes:

    when i use template tags for either page navigation or post navigation (previous_post/next_post/post_nav_link), the link and text to a previous/next post/page (e.g. “Previous Post »”) does NOT show up when there is no previous post. right?

    is there any way to make the text show up even if there is no previous post available? like:

    « Next Post | Previous Post »

    will always be displayed, and not:

    « Next Post

    some of the time or

    Previous Post »

    some of the time.

    can we see both navigation text on every page, but the *links* on those text disappear when the link is nonextistent?

    i hope i’ve been clear.

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  • Yes you’re perfectly clear 😉

    I’m afraid that without modifying the source code it wouldn’t be possible to do what you ask. But actually, I would wonder whether that would be the best idea? Sometimes people get confused when there’s something like “Previous posts” but it’s not a clickable link — they tend to think that your site is broken, or that they’re doing something wrong.

    ah. that’s good insight there. you do have a point. i was going for consistency and a bit of aesthetics. 🙂

    how about this: is there any template tag or function that calls the title of the previous post so i can use it in a tooltip? perhaps i’m just a bit worried about using the previous/next post title text as the link as it might break the layout. yes, aesthetics again. hehe. but thanks for your help maerk! pretty quick response there.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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