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  • I use a lot of Pages in my sites and need a way to add “previous” and “next” titles to Pages â€? so that users could cycle forward and backward through Pages by ID# â€? the way they do with posts.

    Any ideas?

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  • you might want to take a look at this page at the codex

    Damn, I thought I looked everywhere! This looks like it will do it. Off to the day job, but will try it out tonight. Thanks

    Alas, the above suggestion just works for paginated pages � pages that are already part of a connected series. I have hundreds of single pages. I want to have the Titles of the previous and next pages (by date/id#) at the top of the page.

    Any ideas?

    what version you are using? in 1.5.1 cant be done, in 1.5 and earliers yes

    just upgraded to 1.5.1, but would go back to 1.5 for this. how would it work?

    “I want to have the Titles of the previous and next pages (by date/id#) at the top of the page.”

    I am afraid the OP wants this on Pages (as opposed to posts). Which, AFAIK, doesn’t really work, since Pages work by a different “logic” 🙂

    need sleep

    You’re right Moshu, that is the problem. I have several sites that rely heavily on Pages. I don’t speaka da PHP very good, but this seems like it shouldn’t be too hard.

    Would paypal a modest donation to the wordpress genius who figures it out.

    What’s an OP?

    “Original Poster” – IOW, you….

    As plugin functions (i.e. in next_page() | previous_page()), there’s a major coding task involved in accounting for how Pages will be navigated, and requires the ability to modify Page assignment for what’s considered next or previous based on (at the very least) Page creation date, Page order, and parent <> child relationships. Unless one is willing to live with some serious restrictions, this is not a simple rewrite of the current next/previous post tags.

    Well, if it can’t be done, it can’t be done. I’m pondering other options…..

    You may want to reread what I wrote above.

    I said nothing like “it can’t be done.” In fact, I just threw together a simplistic plugin that handles next/previous Page navigation based on post date. However, I don’t see flipping through Pages by date to be very useful (if you do, email addy is on my site). Providing the ability to control what’s considered a next or previous Page is not an impossible task, but it won’t be pulled together over a fifteen minute code hacking session, either. It will take a while to work it out.

    By date works perfect for me.

    I post one new Page a day.

    I want at the top of the page to have links to “the day before” and “the day after,” displayed as Page Title.

    Solved by kafkaesqui, with a simple little plugin. The wordpress community rocks…….

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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