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    I have no idea how to search out a previous solution for this.

    I had one customer order a product. ten minutes later, another customer contacted me stating that the previous customer’s name and other relevant data was pre-populating all of the fields on his order. This was verified. he stated closed the window.

    I asked him to retry with a fresh browser open. No problems occured then.

    User data being transfered from one customer to another? had anyone heard of this already?


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  • I’m sorry but we cannot replicate this. The only way it could happen is if both users were using the same computer and, hence, accessing the same saved eShop cookie.

    That makes me wonder about the cookie being passed between. I have had two users comment to this regard. I am unable to replicate as well.

    There is absolutely no way that a cookie can be passed to another machine – therefore, it would imply that you have customers who are using the same computer.

    Sure. Yet, still, a customer in Chicago had their data show up on a computer in Montana. I asked guy in montana to retry his order attempt using a clean browser, and that fixed it. So, perhaps cookie data is being misplaced in a db table overlap or whatever.

    This seems pretty sporadic and highly suspect, imo, but given two independent customers contaced me about this, and I’m more concerned that it’s a legit issue.

    I’ve been using eshop for years without this kind of issue. I will check my strings, but the cookie data is being broadcasted in some strange way it appears.

    There is a remote possibility that your sever has a very serious sessions issue but it’s absolutely nothing to do with the plugin. All I can suggest is that you contact your hosts about it.

    “Is it just me? I’m trying to order my kitte but I keep getting defaulted to a women’s XS jersey when I go to check out.”

    The above quote from the third customer to experience this bullsh*t. I’ll look into the Dreamhost about this JUNK. #frustrations

    Is it just me?

    Well, put it this way – we have had no other reports of this issue and yet the plugin has about 100k users. So it would seem to be specific to your site.

    Regarding the above post – Customer 1 ordered an women’s XS jersey. Customer #2 ordered a large men’s, and upon checkout (via paypal), his order specifics are replaced with what appears to be the previous customer’s order. Go figure. I am hope technology will save me.

    100k users? lolz. So witty. So developer.

    I really don’t know what to say about this other than something appears to be seriously messed up on your site. From what I’ve heard, it could be some sort of bizarre sessions issue but it would definitely be server-related and not due to the plugin.

    100k users? lolz

    I’m glad you find it amusing but have a look at How many topics do you see like yours? For a plugin that’s had over half a million downloads.

    I’ve got a call into the host, and will update if that gets defined as the prob. Good times.

    I honestly wish I could help more but this one has got both of us completely stumped (myself & the plugin’s main developer).

    Let us know how you get on with Dreamhost. I have a contact there so I might be able to liaise and see if they can track anything down at their end if absolutely necessary.

    I’ve had over 4 (or so, it’s all a blur) years of awesome out of this plugin, so I’m all broken hearted on this. No big, but give it a try yourself without completing the sale. pick anything form the store, and go through to the checkout page and see if it changes for you. It just did for me.

    I just went in and ordered a men’s medium, and when I am sent to the checkout page on the site (PRIOR to being moved over to paypal) my order info magically changes to xs women’s (which is the last order that has been fully processed all the way through paypal) pick anything, and see how it goes.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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