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  1. mutedgirl
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I can't seem to get the previous post link to work. It works fine when I put the default in with no changes to the parameters.. but if I try to change anything, it disappears. Here's what I have currently:
    <?php previous_post('','PREVIOUS ','no','','','') ?>
    I want a link to the previous entry that says 'PREVIOUS', with no entry title or anything. I have tried every combination I can think of in the parameters, but it won't work- the link just disappears. The source code shows nothing in its place.
    Maybe I'm just not understanding how this works? I'm a new convert :) Please help!

  2. mutedgirl
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Okay, I tried this:
    <?php previous_post('PREVIOUS','','no','no','1') ?>
    And it works, kinda.. it shows the text 'PREVIOUS', but doesn't link anything- it's just normal text. ???

  3. Mark (podz)
    Support Maven
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Which version of wp, and where in index.php are you putting it ?

  4. Anonymous
    Posted 11 years ago #

    i think eric meyer had a plugin for prev/next entry links which works much better than the built-in code; try searching meyerweb.com

  5. Mark (podz)
    Support Maven
    Posted 11 years ago #

    mutedgirl - have a look at my site and if you want that code, just shout.
    The code above a single post works in 1.2 +

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