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    Hello. I just updated to version 3.5 of the plugin and am using twenty thirteen.

    When I’m in Past Events in the list view, I can’t return to Upcoming Events. The Next Events link takes me to …tribe_paged=2 where there’s the message “There were no results found.” If I change the address either to …tribe_paged=1 or to …/upcoming/ I’m taken to my upcoming events. Of course, I can’t expect site visitors to do that.

    Here’s the bad page:

    What can I do? I did disable all the plugins, but that didn’t help. I’m having no other problems with the site. I don’t know whether this problem pre-existed the update.

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  • Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Hi swampsparrow,

    Please double check that your are running the latest version of The Events Calendar (3.5.1). That release fixed some issues in 3.5. You should also try changing your site to use pretty permalinks instead of the default permalinks you are using now. If your issue persists after you update, please let us know.


    Thanks, Leah. I did update to 3.5.1 and am using a custom permalinks setting. If I go to any individual event, it’s the pretty permalink that shows in the address bar, not the ugly one. The ugly permalink only shows when there’s the failure.

    Also, the Previous and Next navigation show the the name of the event rather than the words “Previous” and “Next”, except when the full list is displayed (the word “Previous” is shown in that circumstance).

    So, I don’t know why the pretty permalinks are being overridden in this case. Your suggestion made me think of some other tweaks I can make, though—I’ll try those and see whether they work. Unfortunately, I’ll be traveling today and won’t be able to get to this right away, maybe not until next week, so could this topic be kept open for the time being? Thanks.

    I’ve also updated WP to 3.8.2, so everything is up to date.


    Even on my website previous and next button not working in the list view. When you click previous event some ajax runs and link changes from pretty permalink to normal but listed events remains the same. Even if you click again same thing happens. Even on my install everything is up to date, can you help me in fixing this?

    Plugin Author Brook


    Howdy guys,

    Just so you know what you are referring as “ugy links” is actually expected behavior even with pretty permalinks enabled. Without getting into technical details, ugly links like that are simply a requirement at times for PHP applications, you will see at times even WordPress still uses them with Pretty links enabled.

    I am testing this in my stock install, where I have only TEC as a plugin and Twenty Thirteen as a theme. Try as I might I can not reproduce the issue we are seeing on your site. That means there is something likely very unique about your environment. You might need to reinstall WordPress. Maybe it is your server? All I can tell you is that I can not reproduce this, and aside from you two I have not seen anyone else with this issue on recent versions of our plugin. Thank you for posting. I hope you are able to get this resolved, and that might post helps in that regard. Cheers!

    – Brook

    Thank you for testing and trying to reproduce the problem, Brook. If I do get it resolved, I’ll be sure to post how I did it.

    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Thanks swampsparrow!

    I just discovered that disabling javascript in my browser eliminates the problem. Of course, that’s not a solution, but maybe it provides a clue?

    Strangely, on this thread the developers are denying there is any problem, yet here they say:

    I am very sorry, that is actually a bug introduced in a recent version of our plugin. 🙁 We have it logged as a high priority fix. It will likely be fixed in our next release, if not the one after. Keep an eye on the changelog of our future plugin updates for a fix.

    Though even then I’m surprised that a ‘high priority fix’ that renders list view (the only view I use) unusable may not be fixed until the release after next. I would have expected a problem of this magnitude to be sorted within a matter of days, if not hours.


    I just took a look at your demo site. That’s what’s happening with my calendar in list view. It did strike me as unlikely that Rahul and I were the only people who were having a related problem. The issue can’t be entirely avoided even in calendar view, as clicking on the day number above the event takes one to list view, where site visitors get stuck if they click on “past events”.

    Thank you for posting. I was going to set up a test installation. You’ve saved me the trouble of doing so. Since the developers posted nothing about an upcoming fix on this thread, I was going to look for a new calendar if my test were to yield similar results.

    If you want to use it and wait for the fix use a older version like 3.4.1, this problem started after 3.5. Till the time they are fixing the issue this is the best thing I can come up with. I hope they fix this issue ASAP.

    Plugin Author Brook


    Howdy WebSmithery,

    I am sorry if it seems strange to you. You probably did not notice the timestamps. Two weeks ago I was unable to reproduce the problem. One week ago, when I apologized, I was just able to reproduce it. That is when I logged the bug and subsequently responded. Hopefully it makes sense when you consider the timestamps.

    The reason I was not able to reproduce the bug is because it only happens on sites that have very few amount of event pages in their lists. My testing site had more than three pages, so I was unable to reproduce. In sites with less than three, the error becomes quite visible.

    We are doing all we can to fix this ASAP. The team lead even bumped other items so that we can try and squeeze this into our next maintenance release. We will continue to do our best. I apologize if that is not good enough.

    – Brook

    Plugin Contributor faction23


    Hey gang. So sorry for this slip up, there was a code change when we went responsive that broke past view ajax and it slipped through. I’ve patched this and it will release with the next release.

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