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  • sublinear


    Hi all,

    I’m a Textpattern convert, trying to get things going with WordPress. So far, so good, but experiencing one problem with a freshWP 1.5 install. The blog in question can be seen at:

    I input the entries from my weblog (copying and pasting from Textpattern) and set WordPress to display only 1 entry per page. I’ve also moved the index.php out of the WP directory and into the root of my site.

    At the bottom of my index page there’s a “Previous Entries” link, and even though clicking it links to the same post (my latest post) is always displayed. Along the same lines, click one of the Archive links in the sidebar (March for example, which links to also displays just my latest post. I haven’t tinkered around with the templates much at all, except for removing the ‘meta’ bit from the sidebar. I should also mention that I ~am~ sure other posts exist — if I set WP to display more than 1 entry per page, all is good.

    Is there a quick fix to this problem? I’ve search the forums here and found nothing… ;(

    Thanks in advance!

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  • ColdForged


    Your permalinks simply aren’t working. Note that plain, ugly links are working fine. Do you have a writeable .htaccess file?



    > Do you have a writeable .htaccess file?

    Why yes, I do. 🙂

    Aha! Thanks for pointing out the .htaccess file to me, ColdForged. When I setup my permalinks using the WordPress GUI, it added some code to my existing .htaccess file which still had Textpattern code in it (doh!). Once I removed the Textpattern code, all was good…

    Perhaps it’d be good to mention that, if an .htaccess file already exists, exsiting rules in there could conflict with those added by WordPress?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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