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  • I’m having a problem with my previous and next links. I’m using WordPress for a webcomic (located at ). I have it set up to view at most 1 post. The standard next/previous links work, however don’t work how I’d like them to.

    I’d like to be able to have the newest post on the front page, with the previous link going back through time (a descending chronological order, I guess). I tried setting the post order into DESC, but that broke the links. Could someone please help? Thanks a lot.

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  • As I see it that’s what you have. It’s the natural order for a blog. Well hey – I see your problem here.

    I think you can leave the order as it is. Latest is presented immediately, isn’t it? Then when you click “Next page” you get the nearest previous comment.

    So my taking on this is that you could just change the word “Next Page >>” to read “<< Previous strip” or whatever is relevant.

    That’s fine and all, I figured that one. However, that would then make the next page link before the previous page link, which for asthetic purposes, I would prefer not. Any way to change that in the code?

    I don’t quite understand your later argument here regarding “next before previous”. I guess you have to have at least three demo comics to make it understandable.

    This is what I thought you want:
    I’m giving you two explanations with the same meaning.
    1. When you come to the first page you want to see the latest comic.
    2. You want a link on that page to the next youngest comic…
    3. ..and a link on that page pointing to the the next, next youngest comic, but also a link pointing to the younger page.
    That is, my take on this is that you want the user to be able to go one time step at a time in both directions. so, when you are at the latest comic, you could step backwards in time until you reach the first published comic and then step forwards again til you reach the latest.
    If you agree to this and publish one more comic, we can talk 🙂
    Maybe I’m not reading you too well – in that case give me another explanation.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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