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    I want to share my WP post links to Twitter, Telegram and other websites. Well, you may immediately say “Don’t ask it here, there are already plenty of plugins out there” but wait, please read the rest of this thread before replying.

    The problem is, ideally I wanted to host my videos on the website and then I wanted to share them on Twitter and telegram and other websites in the same way as you would share Youtube links. I mean, when you share a Youtube link, not only you can preview the link on Twitter etc… but you also can click on the previewed link and play the video without visiting the actual link (means you can play them in the twitter instead of going to Youtube).

    I searched the whole Net for it but I couldn’t find a clue to do so.
    So instead I wanted my links to be shared with “big” images in their preview links on the social websites, instead, I only get them with “small” preview images. I’d be really happy if you help and tell me what plugins or methods actually do at least one of the two things (Video previewing with link OR sharing WP posts with “big” featured images instead of small ones).

    Thanks in advance!!

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  • Hello!

    Most social media websites will post your links with the page’s Featured image by default. If yours appear small, then it means your images are too small and / or not in a landscape aspect ratio, or you don’t have the right code on your website.

    As for videos, I don’t think it’s possible for most social media websites, except Twitter and Facebook, as far as I know.

    For Twitter images and videos, you need to implement proper Twitter cards on your website – You need approval for Player Cards.

    For Facebook, you need proper OpenGraph Tags:

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