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  • It’s really a PITA to not have a PREVIEW button on POST screens… I’d like to be able to see how WordPress is going to display my post BEFORE it’s published rather than having to POST, then review, edit, review, edit, etc… especially when I am posting code examples or other complex posts. I find I usually have to edit and review 2-3 times on posts of anything more than a few simple sentences.

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  • Why not use the big “Preview this Post” button? It pops up as soon as you have a title 🙂

    Thanks phaza. I’m new to WP. I did not see the “BIG BUTTON” (that appears after you enter a TITLE) when I opened the blank screen, then when I was finished typing the post, I expected I’d find a PRVIEW button down near the SAVE or PUBLISH buttons (which would make a lot more sense.

    It would make more sense to have:


    all together… anyway, thanks for pointing out my oversight.

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