• I like the plugin, a lot. But it could be SO MUCH better if you could just extend the 48 hours to let’s say, a week or even two. Because let’s face it, most of us use this tool for clients so that they can see the work, before approving it.

    The thing is that they receive the preview mail and aren’t able to check the preview in such a short time period. Add weekend and different time zones to that, and it makes this plugin pretty much useless because you keep sending preview links back and forth over and over again.

    The short timeframe makes the plugin so much worse than it could be. I really don’t understand this choice.

    Yes, there is code that you can manually add. But the whole point of a plugin is to stay away from manual coding.

    And yes, there is also another plugin that lets you extend the preview time. But that means another plugin to keep up-to-date, more drag on the server and increasing security risks.

    So please. You can make this plugin 90% better just by increasing the timeframe, or letting the user decide the timeframe.

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