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  • Here’s the blog:

    If I try to share a link on LinkedIn by placing the URL in the status update field, WordPress should automatically generate an excerpt by selecting the first 55 words of the post followed by the linked ellipsis “[…]”. This is not the case anymore.

    Now, when I share a link, all I see is the link and a direct URL to the website.

    It works fine on Facebook, but not on LinkedIn. Any ideas why?

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  • This maybe on LinkedIn’s end. Have you checked with their support?

    I didn’t think that would be necessary because as far as I’m aware other WordPress users are not experiencing the same issue.

    What plugin are you using to share? Is it the one on the left? If so, have you checked their support forum?

    In regards to this issue, I’m not sharing with a plugin (and I’ve deactivated all plugins to ensure it’s not plugin-related). I’m copying the direct URL to a post and then pasting it in the status update box on LinkedIn. I should see a preview, but I don’t.

    Here’s an example:

    Without preview:
    With preview:

    When I click share on this post I see the excerpt but not the image. If you are pasting it directly into Linkedin updates, you may try to revert to the twenty Twelve theme just to see if it works. If it does, you know it’s your theme.

    I’m fairly certain it is the theme. I’m not sure how I can switch themes to verify without taking our site down. Regardless, if it is my theme, I don’t know where to look.

    At first I thought it may be due to a problem with JetPack or some white space in one of my files, but I don’t think that is an issue.

    Any ideas?

    I am experiencing this for all of the urls. Keep in mind that this worked fine until we customized the blog part of our theme, which is why I’m fairly certain it’s my theme.

    What theme are you using? Switching to the default theme (temporarily) to test whether it is your theme would be the logical troubleshooting step.

    I downloaded the Theme Test Drive plugin so I can switch to the default theme (Twenty Twelve) without my users noticing (only admins see the switch).

    Here’s what I see when I try to access a URL from my blog:

    Any thoughts as to why the post won’t show up here, but it shows up fine here?

    Is that a screenshot of the same page in the link? One says home and the other seems to be a link that is a couple of levels deeper into the site. Obviously, you have some custom code happening in your theme and you mentioned that this started when you customized the blog part of your theme. Do you what exactly was done? If you know what files were changed and you have a backup copy of them, you could upload those files just for testing purposes to see if the issue lies in there. Troubleshooting is working backwards.

    The screenshot is of the page I’m seeing when I try to visit a blog post ( I thought that regardless of the theme, WordPress would still recognize the posts, but it may just be that our theme is too heavily customized now.

    If the template for our blog posts is customized, would this cause the issue? If so, how can I find the issue if I don’t know what the correct syntax/code would be to enable WordPress to automatically generate our post’s title, excerpt, and image (if one exists) when sharing the post on LinkedIn?

    Thank you.

    That question is not easily answered since your theme is customized. For each blog post, are you filling out the excerpt or is it automatically generating it? If you are not, try it and see if that helps. Depending on how some themes are coded, I’ve seen stuff like that happen before.

    If the excerpt is filled out, the problem continues to persist. Nothing is generated when I paste the URL to the post in LinkedIn’s status update.

    It would seem that the theme I’m using somehow broke or is preventing LinkedIn from capturing the automatically generated excerpts that WordPress is supposed to be creating when a URL is shared on another website like Facebook or Twitter. For some reason, it doesn’t work on LinkedIn.

    Where is this functionality normally coded in themes? functions.php? What code should I be looking for or what changes can I make to my theme to ensure excerpts are automatically generated when links are shared on LinkedIn?

    It is usually in functions.php but you mentioned that you had some work done so it’s hard to tell. Do you have contact with whomever did the work? It’s difficult to just give an answer since we don’t know what code was added or not.

    Unfortunately, the developer who customized my theme went silent and disappeared after payment.

    I’m trying to figure out what would be the code before the theme was customized. What am I supposed to be looking for in the functions.php file that would normally tell WordPress to automatically generate an excerpt when a post is shared on LinkedIn?

    I realize it may have changed when the theme was customized, but if it works for Facebook and Twitter, then a part of the code must still remain the same, couldn’t it?

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