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  • I’d like to see the ability for comments to be previewed before posting. As an extra feature, allow the option of making the “Preview” button the only one available in the comment form; the commenter must preview their comment before posting it.
    That would (a) cut down on errors in comments, and (b) have the added benefit of cutting down on comment spam, which is typically automated.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Switch Moderation on in the Admin panel ?
    And Comment Spam ? See the Wiki for a hack.

    Blacklists only stop the people you already know about, not the people you don’t (or the 500 new domains the previous people have registered today). Having a blacklist is better than not, in the “fool me twice” way, but it’s a long way from a final answer. Forced preview does actually work rather nicely, as long as you are among the few who have it, rather than the many who don’t: when I bother to look at my logs, I see a fair number of comments where a spambot simply POSTed to my comment script without bothering to notice that it actually needed to preview, and pick up a hidden form field based on the content of the comment, and then post. It’s easy enough to work around, just rewrite your script to preview, suck out all the form fields, and post again, but like any good Club solution, it’s very nice when you are the only one on the block who has one.
    And, whether or not anyone else uses my preview to fix their errors, I do all the time. Highly recommended.

    I’d vote +1 for comments previewing to (a) cut down on errors in comments.

    Pfft! I don’t think it’ll cut down on the number of errors in comments. I click OK, it comes up in preview, I click OK again. Personaly I’m not likely to re-read what I just wrote. Now, a built in spellchecker as an optional item, that would be usefull. And I’ve seen a few out there, some are good, but cost $$$$, others are not so good, but could be done for free.
    I do agree that it would cut down on the number of SPAM, but it still isn’t the silver bullet. I’ll have to mull this one over.

    Seems like preview will be in next version. TechGnome, my readers usually spell better than they can check their HTML. Of course no preview in these forums has forced me to be extra careful but I’ve already used that Edit button several times…

    there is a preview for the post not the comment afaik in the latest nightlies 🙂

    I’ve written a plugin that allows you to preview comments before posting (and it’s not dependent on JavaScript).

    ComPreVal has been around since before WP 1.5. It has comment preview and validation. Check it out!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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