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    My client has 2.0.9 installed. Now when trying to edit published posts or pages directly (eg outside the workflow), the ‘Preview changes’ button strips out the ‘preview’ part of the query string, so that the ‘preview’ shows the current published version, not the amended version.

    So, eg, the ‘Preview changes’ button link includes “…/?post_type=page&page_id=23646&preview=1”, but clicking on it takes you to “…/?post_type=page”.

    The client reports that this issue has only started in October (ie since v2 was released).

    Deactivating the plugin resolves the issue (but the client needs the plugin).

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks,


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  • Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @howardgossington PublishPress Revisions 2.0.10 resolves the preview issue.

    Hi Kevin

    Thanks for your swift reply. We’ve updated to 2.0.10 but the issue is still there, alas.

    However, we’ve noticed that preview does work if we do the following:

    1. Make changes in the page or post
    2. Tick the ‘Save as Pending Revision’ checkbox
    3. Click ‘Update’
    4. On the next screen, click ‘Preview it’

    Is this how editors need to view page amendments now? Or would you expect the ‘Preview Changes’ button in the editor to also work?

    I’ve listed below the plugins that we have installed on the site. Do you know if any of these might potentially be causing a conflict with PublishPress Revisions?

    Many thanks again,



    404 Error Logger

    Advanced Custom Fields PRO

    Akismet Anti-Spam


    Breadcrumb NavXT

    Broken Link Checker

    Classic Editor

    CMS Tree Page View

    Custom Post Type UI

    Debug Bar

    Debug Media

    Enable Media Replace

    EWWW Image Optimizer

    Force Regenerate Thumbnails

    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

    Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft

    Google XML Sitemaps

    Gravity Forms

    GS Only PDF Preview

    HT Content Report Stats

    HT Page Importer

    HT Publication Importer

    HT Search Terms Report

    HT Survey

    iThemes Security

    Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags

    Page Excerpt

    PDF Thumbnails

    Public Post Preview

    PublishPress Revisions


    Regenerate Thumbnails

    Relevanssi Premium

    Rich Text Tags, Categories, and Taxonomies

    Right Now Reloaded

    Stop User Enumeration


    Term Management Tools

    WordPress Importer

    WP All Export Pro

    WP Pusher

    WP Super Cache

    WP Tota11y

    WP User Avatar


    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @howardgossington I just hadn’t applied the correction to the Classic Editor scenario. I’ll include that in the next release.

    The Pending Revision preview you mentioned is a separate function (front end display of a saved revision prior to publication.)

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @howardgossington PublishPress Revisions 2.0.11 is released, resolving the Classic Editor preview issue.

    Hi Kevin

    Thanks so much for the swift release!

    Alas, we still have a problem on our client’s site. Now when clicking on the ‘Preview Changes’ button in Classic Editor on both pages and posts we get an error screen (‘The site is experiencing technical difficulties’), whereas with 2.0.10 we saw a preview screen (albeit with the live, not amended, version).

    The url query string is ?preview_id=22341&preview_nonce=e176acf45d&_thumbnail_id=22359&preview=true

    Deactivating the plugin resolves the issue.

    Is there anything you could suggest, or are we now into potential plugin conflict territory?

    Thanks again,


    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @howardgossington The fatal error on post preview is fixed in PublishPress Revisions 2.0.12

    There was not plugin conflict. I developed and tested the preview fix in our PublishPress Revisions Pro code base and simply failed to mirror a new file over to the free edition prior to releasing.

    Hi Kevin

    Great, thanks – it all looks to be working fine now.

    Thanks so much for resolving this so quickly – it’s very much appreciated.



    Plugin Contributor publishpress


    You’re welcome, @howardgossington. Thanks for using PublishPress Revisions.

    If you value our support, please consider upgrading to Revisions Pro or leaving a review: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/revisionary/reviews/#new-post. Both of those help to make this support possible.

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