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  • Hello World,

    Since I have not yet downloaded a theme yet, I wanted to look into the ability for users to edit and write content for a Page and VIEW it PRIOR to uploading it LIVE on the site.

    I always always want to check how the contenet will appear prior to distributing it….would like to know the preview options…if there are any…


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    Are you using

    Yep! I will be using the Responsive Theme on WordPress created by Emil.

    Also: Andrew, I have seen you on the support forums a lot and you offer some efficient pieces of advice to those who post questions, as opposed to just providing them with links to send them off somewhere to a page with definitions that don’t really give them the help that they are looking for, so with that said, I applaud you!

    As I am a beginner, basically at the infantile levels, I thought I would reach out to you with an outline of website goals that I am trying to reach through wordpress.

    I work for this company:

    My superiors are looking to me to re-modify the website. Our webiste is currently running on the genesis theme framework powered by studio press, but when this website was originally created, it was sent out to a consultant and my boss does not hae the original css sheets, so I will be modifying new ones.

    In observing that you have offerred very helpful advice before, I thought I would give you a description of the work I am conducting prior to making the website modification, as well as an outline of the recreations/changes I am looking to make. .

    I an creating a competitive analysis of the 3 following themes: 1. Enterprise Theme (Powered by StudioPress) 2. Carmen Multi-purpose Respnsive (outside vendor) 3. Responsive Theme (Found through WordPress)

    The Modifications I am Looking to Make:
    They are as follows:
    –Adding a news feed to the landing page,
    –Adding an RSS feed
    –Adding social media interactive icons to the top navigation bar(as widgets, maybe with a plugin that will make them clikcable with links?)
    –Adding a background color that is a gradient (I am guessing that I would add background color through this kind of coding applied to a css sheet ex: /*Firefox 3.6+*/background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top,#2F27,#1a82f7);
    –Adding a rotational image slider to the landing page (By installing an orbit slider plugin)
    –Adding in more pictures and wrap text to be able to accomodate those pictures

    Was wondering if you have any insights as to the best theme to use to be able to make these modifications?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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