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  • I have just upgraded to 2.5.1. Now, when I edit a page and click the preview button, the page shows fine. But when I publish or save the page the page will use what I think is the attachment.php file to display the page. All the content that is supposed to be on the page will not show up. I’ve tried changing the template, but this would not do anything. Also, the page will have comment boxes enabled, although I’ve turned off commenting for this page. I have no clue on how to troubleshoot this. Suggestions please?

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  • If we are talking about Pages (as opposed to posts!) then they are displayed by the page.php template file: see Template_Hierarchy. If no such file – the index.php is used, as always, being a general fallback template file.

    Yes, we are talking about Pages.
    I did not change any templates during the upgrade. WP worked fine before the upgrade. Page.php is in place, index.php too.

    Somehow this seems to be linked to my pages hierarchy: I’ve just noticed that if the page has no parent page, it will show fine. But if I place the page in my hierarchy of pages, it will break.

    If I change my Permalink structure to Standard (was using Day and Name), the Page shows up okay as well. Did I somehow screw up my Permalinks?


    I am having the same problem.

    If I change the permalinks to the default, it works fine.


    Any ideas?


    Has anyone made any headway with this issue? I am using PHP code in my page with php-exec and it is perfect in my preview and broken when published.

    I am on 2.6.3.

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