• Very satisfied with the free version as it helped me with the recent Bricks vulnerability. We bought the on-demand per app protection since it’s only a single website that needs prevention. It helps that the UI is pretty and there are a whole bunch of other nice-to-haves that fit into any website maintenance and protection workflow.

    For eg. bulk updating of plugins, activity log, alerts, etc. If you’re looking for a malware removal plugin, Patchstack isn’t it. But it’s one step ahead – it looks to block out attacks altogether, saving you time and cost in trying to fix things. The time part is the biggest. If you have been through a malware removal, you’ll know how much time it takes. With Patchstack, it does it best to make sure it doesn’t even get there.

    vPatches are the biggest value, but that’s a paid feature. Definitely worth it, though. It’s like paying for insurance and hoping you never need it. But when the time comes (so many plugin vulnerabilities these days), it really saves you.

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