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  • I’m noticing a lot of sign ups from one particular domain that are clearly spam. I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to just block sign ups from a specific domain or I just need to click “ban” to all of the accounts.

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  • We have this problem as well. We get user sign ups that don’t look real, but they never post anything, not a reply or anything.

    How does one know if these accounts are real or not. We use Access press social login lite on our forums.

    Many thanks for your response.

    Ed Sanders

    I know it just because I deal with a lot of spam in my day job and looking at the patterns of the sign up, it’s clear to me that’s what this is.

    In my case a lot of the addresses are .ru and the screen names are a name followed by three letters and it the email address itself is gibberish.

    And example for screen name would be Steveheb and the email would be like That combo makes no sense to start and to see that pattern over and over, it’s clearly spam.

    yeah mine aren’t so obvious, such as john84281962 and the email is or something similar.

    Plugin Author gVectors Team


    Hello everyone!
    Please note, that the user registration process doesn’t have direct relation to wpForo. You can disable wpForo and the spam users will continue to register. This is a core WordPress function. WordPress has made lots of opportunities to prevent spam registration, almost all also work for wpForo. You can search for “stop spam registration in WordPress” in google and follow results.

    wpForo has its own antispam functions. In Dashboard > Forums > Tools admin page you can find built-in reCAPTCHA API. I recommend configure and enable wpForo reCAPTCHA for all forms. Before testing that, make sure it’s enabled for all forms:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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