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  • Hi, we are facing a lot of problems with wordpress menus and comet cache, they all mix together (top, mobile and footer, all mixed), after claring cache manually they all come back to it´s possition.

    Could someone share some URI Exclusion Patterns, so menus are not cached?

    We are really on a hurry, we have plenty of sites and all them are facing same problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help 😉

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  • There is no support at all from Comet Cache? 25 days waiting some help and none support at all?

    We have went too, to developers forum, as they recommend and either no support at all, after 25 days too.

    You can check here:

    Seeing this we will probably install another catching pugin with better support, as there are tons of plugins and lots of competence.

    We have being using Comet Cache plugin for years in all our sites, more than 10 job offers and seekers websites and recommending it to friends, with no need of support, BUT now that we need some support because our website menus (principal top, mobile and footer) are getting mixed all together in the top website menu (principal), breaking all site appearance, until we clean the caches manually so they return back to normal possitions, we don´t have any help…

    We shall wait a week more, but if this keeps like this without support, we will have to say bye to Comet Cache 🙁

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