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  1. Krushio
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I'm using wordpress 3 multisite to set up 4 sub-sites.
    I want those sub-sites to have public content and member-only content.
    Problem is, when I add a user to subsite A, he can also login to subsite B (and thus access to member content there).
    How can I prevent this ?

    thank you.

  2. By default and design anyone with an account on your WordPress Network has subscriber access to all sites on the Network.

    Use a membership plugin to create a NEW user level (Member Plus). Give THAT group your membership-only access. Don't add the users you don't want.

  3. Or even the privacy plugins available - if they;re not listed expressly as a user on that site, they can;t get in.


  4. Krushio
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thank you for your answers !

    @ipstenu : ok I'll look into that. but still i'd rather they could not login at all.

    @Andrea_r : That means public content on the site wouldn't be available either, or would it ?

    Would it be possible to write a plugin that would hook into the login process and that would grant login only on the subsites where the user has a suscriber role (wp_X_capabilities in usermeta).

  5. That means public content on the site wouldn't be available either, or would it ?

    It depends on what option you select.

    But in a normal setup, if a user is not expressly listed as a user on that blog/site, then they cannot login to that site's backend.

    It works like wordpress.com - if you have a blog there, I can be logged in to comment on your site, but I *can't* access your blog's admin area. Unless you add me as a user.

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