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  • Hi,

    My host provider uses CAPTCHA protection for wp-login.php. When you login to WordPress, you have to fill in a given username and password that changes every day. I had to install the plugin “rename wp-login.php” to get rid of the CAPTCHA.

    Now I use a custom login form with TML so people can login through a page on my website. The problem is that this plugin has wp-login.php hardcoded and so you get the CAPTCHA protection again. This is confusing for people trying to log in on my site.

    How can I have the plugin not go through wp-login.php but through a different URL for logging in?

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  • I contacted the rename wp-login plugin author and they said this:

    Could you contact the plugin author and tell them this? I can’t change anything about their plugin… They’re hardcoding wp-login.php, which is why this plugin doesn’t work with it.
    Tell them they should use wp_login_url() instead of hardcoding it, this plugin will then change it to the right url.
    You can take a look at this:

    It’s not hard for them to change this! 🙂

    Could you please look into this?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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