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    Is this already an option in wordpress? Is there a plugin that can achieve this? Would this require editing the source code (if so a few pointers would be appreciated!)?

    No, probably not, yes quite a lot of hacking would be needed.

    WordPress doesn’t have any idea who’s “logged in” at any one time, because there’s no system for tracking that in any way. When you log in, a cookie is set on your browser with your username and a code representing your password (sorta). Every time you access the site, that cookie is checked and you are identified as you.

    So, it’s not like you’re maintaining a permanent connection or using some kind of session. You’re “logging in” every single time you hit the site for anything.

    To do what you’re wanting, you’d have to rewrite a lot of the login and authentication system to use sessions or something similar.

    Thanks for such a fast response!

    This is my problem:

    I am working on a site that a large number of people will eventually be editing occasionally. Creating a user account for all of them would be overkill and would quickly become a headache to maintain for the site administrator. I was planning to create a handful of different users (with a variety of roles) that the group would share.

    If two people logged in as two different users attempt to edit the same post, WordPress (new in 2.5?) handily presents the second user with a warning to avoid one person overwriting another’s modifications. Unfortunately if two people were to log in as the same user and attempt to do the same, there would be no such warning. This means that overwriting could become a bit of a problem in the scenario I outlined above.

    I realise this is a similar question to the one I posed in my first post, but is there a work-around to this problem or might you be able to suggest one?

    Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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