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  • Is there a way to prevent a post from reappearing in the feed (RSS, Atom, etc.) if it is edited/updated? For example, I type up a post, publish it, it shows up in the RSS feed, then later I decide to make a change to the way something is worded (just an example) but I don’t really want it to reappear in the feed.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Upon further investigation, looks like this is due to the behavior of the feed reader (Google Reader), not WordPress.

    When you update a post in WordPress, the only thing that changes in the feed is the content you updated. The “pubDate” stays the same, and the post is in the same position in the feed (it doesn’t move to the top or anything). It appears that if Google Reader detects that the content of an item has changed, it will redisplay it. I’ve confirmed this by updating a post outside of “the loop” (one that’s not in the feed anymore), and Google Reader does NOT redisplay it.



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    That certainly makes sense. A great deal of how and what is displayed is down to the news reader – not the feed.

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