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  • I assume this is working as-designed, hence this forum choice. But I can’t find the problem in any of the forums, so maybe it is a bug related to all of my sites! When doing an update within a Content-block column, on occasion I lose all of my changes because I clicked out of the column without hitting “Update column.” The page warns me if I try to leave it without hitting the page-level “Update” button *only* when I remember to hit the column-level button first.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) In a published page, make changes in a Content column.
    2) Click out of it (but within the WP editor) without clicking “Update column.”

    Expected result: A warning appears similar to those when attempting to leave a page with unsaved changes (in any software program).

    Actual result: No warning appears, and the page does not recognize that changes were made. If you make changes elsewhere so the “Update” button becomes active, you are allowed to update without the first column’s changes, losing that work.

    If this can be prevented, please let me know, but otherwise it is a strong feature request. I don’t do this often, but certainly have lost hours of work in total.

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