• oguido



    Great plugin! Thank you very much!! 😀

    It’s working all great and very easily. I’ve set the settings to disable sticky when scrolling down and it’s perfect.

    It’s just that when scrolling down and reaching the bottom of the page the sticky appears and so it clutters the screen, when the whole purpose of the “disable sticky when scrolling down” is to give the user more viewing space without the header on the way. And by now it’s standard use in many browsers and apps so users already know that if they need the menu they just need to scroll a bit up to make it appear.

    My question/suggestion is if it could be possible to have an option to disable the sticky from showing up once reaching the bottom?

    Thank you very much again and great work!!! 🙂

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  • weteamsteve


    I’ve been trying to implement how to hide it when scrolling up to a specific Y value and can’t do it 🙁



    I see. but the funny thing is that with those settings, it usually appears only when scrolling UP. but in this case, just as the scrolling down reaches the end it triggers it…

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll find the solution if it’s totally needed it

    all the best!

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