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  • I recieved this bizarre notification to the ‘Comments’ on our site. I discovered this when my settings (Station Theme) sent me a notification email. i had a comment from ‘paydayloans’.
    It said….

    Trackback on Residential #

    payday loans uk

    payday loans uk… I found what I had been searching for. excellent post, many thanks…

    Oviously I want to prevent all and any comments as I don’t use this site for comments etc. I set it up purely as an information site and an email and phone response vehicle.

    Can a kind soul give me the blow by blow procedure to stop this happening.
    Many thanks in advance.


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  • How do you set your discussion settings, trackbacks, etc. Do you allow them? Can you post your site URL?
    Would that be in ‘Discussions’ settings?

    Many thanks,

    Yes, did you allow comments in your discussions page?

    Hi Krishna,
    When you say ‘discussions page’ where and to what are you refering. If thats the page that you get to when you select “Settings” title under the “Tools” icon then I have got this page. It lists lots of check boxes starting with “Default article settings”.
    I don’t want any person to be able to ‘post”comment”trackback etc as what has happened recently as per my first post.
    It’s clear that some craphead spammer did this
    “Trackback on Residential #
    promoting “payday loans uk”.
    This is the 1st time this has happened. Being a sort of ‘newbie’ I am not sure what I am looking for when you say “did you allow comments in your discussions page?”

    Default article settings = nothing checked
    Other comment settings = 1st and 2nd boxes checked others clear
    E-mail me whenever = 2nd box checked 1st box clear
    Before a comment appears = 1st and 2nd boxes checked
    Comment Moderation = 2 entered in quantity box

    Does this help?

    Thanks Roy,
    I followed the instructions and all seems to be OK. Time will tell.
    I did the disable trackbacks and ping method.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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