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  • Hiya,

    There isn’t I’m afraid without turning off booking for that event manually.


    have you tried Events > Bookings > General Options > Allow double bookings =No

    yes, i think that applies to a guest booking a second ticket for a event

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    I see, so basically what you are after is to prevent the user from creating a duplicate event? so if Event A is already existing then if the user tries to create another Event A the system should not allow it, is this correct? if yes, then maybe you can try to hook into em_event_save filter and do your validation there –

    Not just the Name Event A but anything in that category which is booked for that time and date i would like to have a warning to say this event cannot be booked because the system already has a booking for that timeslot. Do you think that will be possible with the em_event_save?

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    I’m wondering if you couldn’t have one event with a different ticket for each timeslot – and then use Angelo’s Allow double bookings=No suggestion?

    If not, can you explain a bit more about what you need to do?

    I like the idea but it wont work in this case as in a way we want to allow the admin user to add the event without having to search first to see if there is already an event at that time in that category(each category is a room in my case).

    So once they try then to save the event ideally i would like it to say cant do as another event already occupies this time slot in that category on that day.

    Hope that helps

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    yes, it possible by hooking into em_event_save filter and adding condition but unfortunately can’t help you any longer with regards to coding since I haven’t tried it yet.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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