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  • Hi Mike,

    Recently, I’ve noticed that the PrettyPhoto stopped working, and the image captions also don’t show up. It was working very well without interruption until now.

    I didn’t do any css modifications or anything; I just realize that when I click on a shashin photo on my post, instead of showing PrettyPhoto overlay, it opens the image on the same window. The caption for those images, which I had set to “yes” also stopped showing up.
    Example of this happening:
    The first several images on this post have captions, but they now just show up as alt text only.

    A “side effect” is also present; I had Pin-It on hover button script so you can Pin images from the post. The script is still there, but now the Pin-It button doesn’t show up either.

    I always updated Shashin to the latest version, so perhaps this happened when I updated last time. Would you help solve this please?

    Thank you in advance for your time,

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  • Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    You’ve got some errors on your site, which I don’t think are not coming from Shashin. This is what I’m seeing in the Google Chrome inspector for your home page:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < – this type of error can be a tricky error to track down – it often has to do with invalid JSON data. I’ve never seen an error like this with Shashin, so it is probably coming from somewhere else.

    Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined trunk8.js?ver=3.4.10:270
    Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined shashin.js?ver=3.4.10:3

    Shashin enqueues its dependency on jQuery using the standard WordPress recommended procedures. It looks like you are running a minification plugin of some sort that is causing this to fail. This means none of the front-end javascript code for Shashin is working.

    I recommend temporarily turning off your other plugins, and then see if Shashin is working. If not, also try temporarily switching to one of the standard WordPress themes. Then turn on your other plugins one by one, and check Shashin again each time, to see where the problem is coming from.

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