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  • Hi everyone,

    here is a really weird problem with Facebook Like button.
    Since last week, Facebook like box is only working on every new post and it has simply disappeared on old one…

    You can see it here :

    I’ve already deactivated every plugin.

    I’m using Facebook official plugin and Cevershare. But i’ve tried to insert manually the facebook code while deactivating every plugin, and the result is the same.

    I really can’t understand what is happening over here… why would that work for every new post since 5 days, and not on older were it used to work without any troubles since 1 year…

    Any help would be highly appreciated !

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  • The Facebook like box at is working. I have just tested it.

    Thank you for your answer !

    That’s weirder than I thought because I can assure you it’s not working on my side. All I have is a big empty space where the button is supposed to be.

    Just to be sure, I’m not speaking about the facebook fan box on the sidebar, I’m speaking about the like counter box on the post , the one near share on twitter, fb and g+

    If we are talking about the same one, then I don’t understand what is happening… It’s not only on my computer as it’s the same at my family’s and colleagues’ computers…

    I have shared one too. It is already on my page. Check it.

    Now, that is really weird… Here is what I (and my followers) have :

    The white space is where the like button is supposed to be. Any idea why it’s happening ?

    In fact weird! But did you check I had done what I wrote above?
    Which slider are you using?

    Well I don’t know how to check, I couldn’t find a link to your page. But I trust you !

    Right there it’s cevershare. But before, it was Facebook plugin.
    I even tried to deactivate every plugin and then put manually the code over here
    And it didn’t worked either… Every new post was ok but older one, no…

    Thanks for helping !

    It seems your theme Edge12 (Theme Forest) was first introduced in November 2011 and it seems it is having either broken files, or outdated. Try downloading and installing a fresh latest copy. Perhaps it will solve the problem. If not you may seek support with the theme vendor because we do not have access to commercial themes and cannot support them.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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