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    I’m sure the fully paid version is great. Only, the free version paywalls a key feature in order for it to actually be fully used. The 3-page connection limit makes it redundant to even use, since if you are going to import notion pages, you want to be importing a lot of content. So I guess I won’t be using it. Sucks that a lot of plugins fall into this trap.

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    Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the free version of our plugin. I’d like to clarify that the limitation in the free version is not on the number of pages you can map, but rather on the number of connections you can create. Essentially, you can map multiple pages within a single connection.

    If you’re experiencing issues or limitations beyond this, it might be a different problem. Could you provide more details or, better yet, create a video using Loom to show exactly what you’re encountering? This will help me understand your specific issue more clearly.

    Additionally, feel free to create a new post in our support section for more detailed assistance. I’m here to help ensure you can make the most out of the plugin.

    Kind Regards,

    WP connect Support

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