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  1. impolex
    Posted 3 years ago #

    This is more of a can I do it question.

    Is it possible to have pretty permalinks when accessing a second MySQL databases?

    Scenario: I will have a "search form" which will be sending a key using GET to page template that will be populated by information a second database based on the key. I want to be able to use WP_Rewrite to turn the full query string (including the key sent to the second database) into a pretty permalink that can be directly accessed.

    In other words the end result should be permalinks that look like: mywp.com/cities/syracuse

    Cities is the name of the page and Syracuse defines the information from the database that is being accessed.

    At my disposal so far I have the WP_Rewrite and code to access the second database (http://bavotasan.com/2011/access-another-database-in-wordpress/), should I be aware of anything else?

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