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  1. bonusreviewer
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    Hey guys, big trouble to figure out, what exactly is going wrong and how to fix this issues.

    my Problem :

    having 2 custom Post Types and a custom taxonomy that is shared on both custom Post Types. I am trying to set up Pretty Permalinks for both Custom Post Types using the custom Taxonomy.

    Post Type #1 : product
    Post Type #2 : review
    Custom Taxonomy : productname

    custom Permalink Structure for custom Post Type Product : /%productname%/product-post-type-slug

    custom Permalink Structure for custom Post Type Review :

    example :
    Custom Post Type Product, the title is My New Product so the slug would be

    Custom Taxonomy productname slug : my-new-product

    Custom Prost Type Review, the title is My New Product Review so the slug would be

    the Permalinks would be

    Permalink for Product
    Permalink for Review
    Permalink for Productname

    everything works fine, except one post type permalink will redirected to the permalink of the other post type


    one post type permalink works fine, but the other returns a 404

    i do not know what exactly is going wrong, end how to troubleshoot this kind of problems

    can somebody give a advice how to fix this problem and/or how to troubleshoot it

    i was thinking of letting wordpress know what post type should be loaded or something in the .htaccess file like a custom redirect rule

    Somehow i do not have luck with it, and could not find anything specific to this kind of problem

    Thank you.

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