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  • When hosted on Linux, WordPress defaults to

    1) Are you hosted on Linux?

    2) Try asking your webhost tech support

    Yes, my domain is hosted on a Linux webserver & that doesn’t solve the issue.



    Very strange, i don’t have such things. What is into you permalinks settings?


    bump #2

    Chanel, what do you have for permalink? Just %postname% (not too smart)? Normally, “index.php” only appears when you put it there yourself, but maybe this is the reason that people asked what your serversoftware is. I don’t know anything about that, but when you don’t have “index.php” in your permalink yourself, talk to your host.

    I have /index.php/%postname%/ because when I put /%postname%/, it gives me an error on my site.

    So I need to contact my host and say what? They seldom give wordpress tech support so i want to know what it is i need to ask/tell them to have this edited for me.

    Thanks gangleri.

    Did you read my “not too smart” link??
    Use %post_id%/%postname% or something.

    And did you read my original post?

    I said I do not want anything else there BUT postname.

    I do not want post id.
    I do not want category.
    I do not want the date.
    I do not want index.php.

    I want my links to look like

    It’s not possible, WP breaks as you noticed.

    As Using Permalinks explains, permalinks with index.php in them are PATHINFO permalinks, and they are what you can use if you don’t have mod_rewrite.

    Some people eliminate some or all of the date elements (day, month, year) to have a shorter permalink format. Note: mod_rewrite permalinks require Apache’s mod_rewrite module.

    How can I do that? I know nothing about mod_rewrite nor Apache. I know it is possible to achieve this because I have seen blogs that use wordpress with their links like the way i am seeking.

    Also please refer AGAIN to my original post:

    I’ve searched high and low for a resolution to this and people keep referring others to Using Permalinks, when the answer is not there.

    Sidenote: My frustration is with responders who just redirect you to something on wordpress codex that you’ve already thoroughly read thru. If you’re unable to assist, just do not reply.

    First, I can’t tell what you’ve already read, you might have missed something.
    Second, you’re asking for something impossible on server configuration. Sure, some people have managed to do that, my guess is that their server works differently, they use other software (or an entirely different server alltogether). Just take it that what you want is not going to work unless you can work something out with your host, but I have no idea what. The codex doesn’t say what it says without good reason.
    And as a sidenote: telling you that what you want is not possible is also assistance!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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