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  • i have searched and google and fiddled with this permalink problem for several weeks and now i am tired of it!

    is there any tutorial on changing my permalink into ?

    all that it is telling me is that i need mod_rewrite – yeah and?????? i have no clue how to use it and how to work with it!

    if anyone can help me here, that would be real, real, real, REAL great!


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  • The Rewrite Rules go in your .htaccess file in Apache servers….window’s servers don’t use htaccess files, but I’m sure there’s some method of doing this in IIS as well.

    Basically you are going to create a fake link that your server will Rewrite to the proper link. Here is an example

    RewriteRule ^avatar\.gif /avatar.php [L]

    I use the above to randomly select an avatar from a directory on my server to use on other forums. Obviously most sites like that have defined what the acceptable image formats will be and php usually isn’t one of them…..but with this way I can link to, and my server will rewrite the link to

    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but I have not tried editing the Permalinks section yet

    thanks you two! this has been some good help!

    so what i do is, i only edit the .htaccess file, is this correct? if so – what specifically do i add?

    All you wanted to know about permalinks 🙂

    BrainSmashR, for IIS there is a 3rd party .htaccess URL rewrite solution:
    IIS Mod-Rewrite
    It’s compatible with mod_rewrite, and the Pro version supports .htaccess files with rewrite rules.

    Also their support team suggested to add the following code line in wp-settings.php right after the “IIS fixes”:


    As far as I have tested permalinks with .htaccess on IIS it worked perfect, exactly like on apache.

    okay guys – thank you for your help, but actually it doesnt help! lol

    i have found a much easier way to get around this problem. simply go into your wordpress directory and duplicate the index.php file and rename the duplicated one to home.php ! finished!!!! now change the permalink structure into what you want and dont bother about index.php or other rewrites!

    I’d be curious to see that in work…


    it works!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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