• This plugin is pretty useless unless you buy the premium version. For instance, you cannot even set the “Search Engine Visibility.
    I recommend that this plugin be withdrawn from the repository.

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    Regarding the “Search Engine Visibility” function (adding the “NoIndex” tag), it is directly managed by WordPress: Click on Settings >> Reading. However, as we noticed that some users forgot to deactivate it (which makes robots.txt useless), we added a function (the very first of the setting page) allowing to deactivate it from the start (disable the “noIndex” tag “).

    It is therefore a feature which is already installed and functional.

    Perhaps you did not understand that the main role of our plugin is to optimally configure your robots.txt whether with the free or PRO version.

    We understand your frustration because it is common for most plugins that the Premium version is more attractive with more features. However, the equally effective free version is currently used by a large number of people, with different needs for each of them, whether they are experts or not.

    Your “recommendation”, very personal, quite degrading for our team of developers who are working to maintain this plugin and update it, encourages us to reread the emails and other reviews, mostly positive, that we receive on a regular basis, from all these users whom we have helped (and still support), to remind us that our plugin is way more useful than you might think.

    … And that ultimately, your words are perhaps not as disinterested as it seems (which we regret).

    Good luck with your business.`



    yup, I agree with Brian Brown, Ph.D’s review.

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