• Can’t change placeholder text
    No options for sign up text
    Can’t translate placeholder text or button text with something like wpml.
    Admin options keep disappearing.

    I used to subscribe to WPMUDEV but cancelled after one paid month because they never solved issues, their support was always just a talking shop and then they just forgot issues.

    but hey… they make their admin screens look very pretty.

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  • Plugin Support Kasia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @deftly,

    Thank you very much for your comment about the Hustle – I will make sure to pass this to our developers and plugin designers. I’m sure they will consider this for implementation and it will be soon possible to edit all element in opt-ins. I’m hoping you will reconsider then using Hustle again?

    I’m sorry that you were not happy with our support – would it be possible you account name so I could track those and see what happen there? That would help us improve our support.

    kind regards,

    In actual fact, I managed to translate the button text, it showed up in WPML strings translations.

    However I had to scan repeatedly and I ended up with two loads of strings for one plugin…

    It appears under both Hustle and WordPress-Pop-Up

    The biggest problem I have is:

    1. Translating placeholder text.
    2. Translating opt-in custom content and custom success messages

    I may come back if you fix that and also the admin screen problems. At the moment I have rolled my own Sendy solution, but it lacks the bells and whistles.


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