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  • Hi, I’m new to this community and just building my first word press site. This is more of a conventional website rather than a blog. I have Pretty Link lite installed as a url shortener but would like to be able to create some “click here” links as well.
    I believe that this is possible with the pro version but wondered whether there is a free tool approved by Word Press that does the same thing.

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  • not sure what you mean

    where do you want the “click here” to appear? in the post? on your homepage? in the wp-admin?

    pretty link won’t really shorten it that much, it just forces you to use the default permlinks, ?p= (ttbomk)

    I would recommend something like a bitly url shortener plugin instead

    Maybe you’ll like to clarify

    • if you’ll like to use 3rd party shorteners or a shortener on your own domain?
    • where you want your “click here” links to appear.

    For 3rd party shorteners, as jdingman mentioned, you can use the bitly plugin or even my “URL Shortener” plugin (since you tagged it :P)

    On another note, WordPress doesn’t “approve” plugins per se. Plugins are just hosted in the plugin repository by them.

    Thank you for responses. It would seem I was not clear enough in my original question for which I apologize. I realise I can shorten an affiliate link say to make it look more appealing, but what I would really like is to “cloak” the link with the words “click here” say on a page or something similar.Hope that is clearer.

    Ian (dummy) newbie!

    hmmm… I don’t think there is any plugins that can automate that… at least not that I know of…

    I find it strange that no-one seems to know a solution. There are websites galore that have cloaked links in the body of their pages but thanks any way to those have responded.

    So do you want:

    1) When the mouse is over the text, ‘click here’ displays beside the mouse?
    2) When the mouse is over the text, ‘click here’ displays in the status bar?
    3) The Anchor text of the link says, ‘click here’?

    Apologies for delay in responding. Guess it’s because of time difference, I’m in UK
    Essentially what I am looking for is when someone clicks on “click here” they are redirected to another website seamlessly. And that’s all.

    <a href=''>click here</a>. Is this what you mean? aka click here

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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