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  • I like this plugin, I like it a lot. Clearly the authors are also practitioners – something that is often missing by WP plugin developers…

    Feature feedback:
    1. Data export
    Very powerful, though the data table (for a bar chart in my example) should contain a summary row. That will make it super easy to chart results.

    2. Result charts
    a) As others have said, it looks very odd to have the x-axis labels arranged back to front.They should read from bottom to top and be angled at 45 degree is the norm.
    b) charts should have the option to display % of total votes, rather than just the number of votes

    3. Layout customisation
    Needs some options to customise text e.g.
    “Thank you for participating this survey! This are the actual results:” is not good English…

    Its still a beta and I hope these mods are on the to-do list. If so, this would easily get 5 stars!

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