• All around no bugs which is a first in looking for a project management plugin. It works pretty well and makes sense, which is also a first. It’s not pretty compared to others, but it works, so that’s better, but it’s really not pretty. However, it’s VERY limited. The permissions are implicit which makes it easy to manage as you don’t have roles to deal with. But you have no ability to allow someone to see a whole project and all tasks in it. You can only assign a user to a project so they can see or edit the project itself (manager and co-worker, so that’s good), and then ALSO assign them to a task so they can see AND EDIT the task. In other words, you can’t have a project with open visibility to the team of all tasks and only have people edit assigned tasks. If tasks had a simple “viewable” checkbox, my hunt would be over. Unfortunately without that visibility this will not work for our needs.

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    Hi @ebonweaver,

    Thank you for the review and suggestion. We have added your suggestion into our suggestion list to make task viewable so all project’s member can see this task not only assign user can see task.

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