• braven1612


    I chose to arrange a gallery using the Custom grid, was happy with the result. But it was loading slowly, probably too heavy so I went to adjust it. I moved a couple images around and NOT update the gallery but when I viewed the old gallery on the site, the changes I had just experimented with were now on the site. had to start over

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  • Plugin Author Cristian Raiber


    @braven1612 – thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ve already had this issue opened: https://github.com/WPChill/modula-lite/issues/474 and we’ll address this problem through one of our next updates.

    Basically, the issue you’re reporting is happening because we’ve implemented an auto-save feature that’s on by default.

    In our next updates, we’ll turn it to ON by default with the possibility of changing this behaviour from the plugin’s settings.(turning it OFF)

    Sorry for the trouble you’ve run into with Modula. Totally not intended.

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