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  • It becomes clear when you start to poke around at the style sheet (because you can customize the background color pretty easily but not text colors) that this was not created with a coherent color palette in mind. It is clear that when colors were selected, they were eyeballed, not duplicated, and this can make changing colors and figuring out where problems are intensely, profoundly frustrating. (I work for a palette of colors by hex code, and paste in the hex code whenever I assign a new color, to stay consistent.)

    Moreover, being able to edit some but not all ends up being far more frustrating than it should be. Parts of the theme are subject to the overall typography, others aren’t. And which are which ends up feeling very arbitrary.

    Worse, rather than defining two different groups of styles (light text on dark background, dark text on light background) they use the same middling grey for every part of the site, which means you can, I suppose, switch from white to black, but you might lose pull quotes and blog headlines in the process.

    I was able to change a lot with Siteorigin’s custom CSS plugin, but not everything, and not cleanly.

    Also, the way the front widgets are designed, you can’t control the basic appearance or alignment of items, so something that looks fine when the customizer is open ends up with bizarre spacing once the customizer is closed. Would it be so hard to tell everything to align to the middle edge of the box? So the pictures and images don’t end up with huge awkward whitespace between them?

    IF you’re willing to ape every design element exactly, it’s an attractive enough theme, but it was disappointing difficult to set up, and the end result is so ho-hum that I won’t be keeping it.

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